Advanced Speakers

Advanced speakers: 

  • Join an international network of professional speakers, trainers or keynote speakers
  • Join a network of 280000 Toastmasters in 13500 clubs and 106 countries: see here
  • Compete at the International Speech Contest against 13500 contestants and try to become the world champion
  • Become famous: Give keynote speeches, lead workshops in large International Conferences
  • Practice and improve your tips and techniques inside the club
  • Help us to improve our public speaking by sharing your experience
  • Enjoy the experience of mentoring others members

Interested in the World Speech Contest ? See below:

International Speech Contest finalists or winners:

Verity Price, 2021 World Champion

Palaniappa Subramaniam, 2012, 2nd Place 

Jock Elliott, 2011 World Champion

Kwong Yue Yang, 2011, 2nd Place 

Daren Lacroy, 2001 World Champion



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