How to Join

Why is worth joining Toulouse Speakers ? 
  • Participation in a unique program that will help you develop your communication skills and leadership
  • A positive and friendly atmosphere in a community of people from all over the world willing to learn
  • The opportunity to rediscover your inner voice, learning to tell your story with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Constructive feedback from all members, that will help you practice organizing and presenting your ideas in a clear way
  • Experience in leadership through training and involvement in club activities
  • Unlimited opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Access to a lot of educational materials and resources about public speaking, listening skills, meeting protocols, usage of the online technology presentations in your presentations and effective communication during meetings and conferences
  • Free access to the Toastmaster magazine, a monthly magazine that gives you more information about communication, leadership, club activities and other relevant topics
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Start now losing the fear of speaking in public, by improving your public speaking skills and gaining confidence to speak to an audience. Learn to be an active listener and provide constructive feedback to others.

Joining is easy – Just a few simple steps: 


  • be 18 years old to join
  • have a basic level of English speaking and comprehension skills
  • be motivated to
    • learn
    • interact with others
    • mentor new members (extremely important)


  • 1: Attend a meeting. see: Attend a meeting
  • 2: After the meeting speak to the Vice-president of Membership
  • 3: Once you have decided to join the Club, fill in the TCS_membership_form and send it to  the Vice-president of Membership of the club
  • 4: You will receive payment details upon receipt of your form.
  • 5: Once your payment has been received and processed you will receive your credentials to login to

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