Advanced Speakers

Advanced speakers: 

  • Join an international network of professional speakers, trainers or keynote speakers
  • Join a network of 280000 Toastmasters in 13500 clubs and 106 countries: see here
  • Compete at the International Speech Contest against 13500 contestants and try to become the world champion
  • Become famous: Give keynote speeches, lead workshops in large International Conferences
  • Practice and improve your tips and techniques inside the club
  • Help us to improve our public speaking by sharing your experience
  • Enjoy the experience of mentoring others members

Interested in the World Speech Contest ? See below:

International Speech Contest finalists or winners:  

Ryan Avery, 2012 World Champion

Palaniappa Subramaniam, 2012, 2nd Place 

Jock Elliott, 2011 World Champion

Kwong Yue Yang, 2011, 2nd Place 

Mark Hunter, 2009 World Champion

Lance Miller, 2005 World Champion

Randy Harvey, 2004 World Champion

Jim Key, 2003 World Champion

Dwayne Smith, 2002 World Champion

Daren Lacroy, 2001 World Champion



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